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Thank you for visiting VladimirEscorts.com, we are honored that our clients recognize us as the best provider of Escorts Bahamas. Vladimir Escorts exists to satisfy your needs on the islands, it is our pleasure to make sure you enjoy a visit that is truly memorable!

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The level of service you can expect from Vladimir Escorts can be summed up in two words: World Class. We are devoted to providing our clients with the most beautiful and exciting girls the Bahamas has to offer, along with every quality you expect from a leading escort provider:

  • Discreet International Escort Service
  • Professional demeanor
  • Integrity & reliability
  • Wonderful, fun & beautiful women

We provide gorgeous and captivating female companions to gentlemen who appreciate valued entertainment and company. Our gorgeous Escorts Bahamas understand the value of your time and will treat each moment with the utmost respect.

Our Business Philosophy

Here at VladimirEscort.com, we believe that in order to provide good service to our clients, we must first provide good service to Vladimir Escorts. We take pride in ensuring the needs of Vladimir escorts are met and they are satisfied working with our agency. We never force any of our escorts to conduct business where they do not feel comfortable and safe – it is solely their choice.


VladimirEscorts.com is comprised of a group of professionals who understand that we do not live in a perfect world. We follow all measures and work very hard to ensure that we do get it right the first time! If a problem does occur, we can assure you that it will be addressed immediately and in a professional manner.

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If you have any questions or would like to reserve a sensual beauty, you may do so by booking an Escort online, via phone at +1 242 535 7571 or email us at [email protected].

We look forward to hearing from you and arranging a high-quality escort experience that wonderfully exceeds your expectations. 

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How to Find the Best Escort in Bahamas Provider?

If you decide to go at it alone by hiring a female escort in Bahamas, you could be facing more problems than just those suggested by the ancient warning “Let the buyer beware!” You can’t check Escorts Bahamas reviews, Tinder in the Bahamas can be terrifying, and asking around is not going to work either. Ultimately it becomes a matter of trust: can you be certain the Bahamian escort you hire will be trustworthy?

The horror stories are the ones you hear the most. Maybe a friend went to the Bahamas, hired a companion for several hours of fun, and got his money and passport stolen instead. Ever hear the one about the escort who didn’t look anything like her pictures? Everyone has. What about a female companion who just doesn’t have that “I’m ready to have a good time with you!” attitude? That happens more often than you think.

You want to hire a Bahamas escort, a companion to make your vacation one to remember but you can’t do it alone… so how do you avoid disappointment?

Why Choose Escorts Bahamas Services?

There’s only one way to avoid disappointment and get a Bahamas escort who is perfect for the kind of fun you want to have: let Vladimir Escorts help you.

Why? Because we have built a reputation with our clients for trustworthy and discreet service that includes access to the Bahamas’ most beautiful, entertaining, and satisfying professional escorts. Independent escorts can be a nightmare, if you want to gamble go to the casino instead. The long list of things that can go wrong with an independent Bahamas escort (and most of the horror stories come from bad experiences with girls working outside an agency) ensures that something almost certainly will go wrong:

The Bahamas is a conservative country, finding an escort who works outside a trusted agency like Vladimir Escorts is rare. These girls are not professionals, do not have the skill set of a professional escort, and do not know how to guarantee a man a wonderful time.

An independent escort is taking a risk destroying her lifestyle, friendships, and other careers. That risk is only taken if the price is right, which means independent escorts in the Bahamas are often more expensive to hire, and offer less time on the clock. An escort working outside of an escort agency is extremely likely to be unreliable and untrustworthy. At best, this means your date is late, needs you to pick her up, or you get stood up. At worst, there’s a long list that includes the potential to become a crime victim.

How We Are Better Than Other Escorts Bahamas Providers?

There are other agencies on the islands, but they don’t have our reputation for ultimate satisfaction. Our girls are pre-screened and we choose only the most attractive, sensuous, fun-loving, and flirty girls who are reliable, enthusiastic, and ready to show you a great time!

If there’s ever a problem or you need assistance, when you hire Vladimir Escorts you can be assured we are always available to solve the problem. That’s the difference a reputable, professional escort agency brings to the table: you can trust us to make your dreams come true.

Vladimir Escorts Don't Stand Out In A Crowd

Bahamas Escorts

You’ll find all our Escorts Bahamas thoughtful and considerate

Best Escorts Bahamas in Nassau

You might think it is an odd claim that the escorts on our website do not stand out in a crowd as the obvious and immediate reaction might be to think they are not attractive. In truth, it is the exact opposite. They are even more stunning in the flesh than they can look in their photographs.

All of our Nassau Escorts share two things in common. Aside from the obvious, they all want you to be able to relax in their company from the moment you first meet. So how do they achieve this? By understanding how important it is to dress appropriately for the occasion.

Once again don’t be misled by what we are saying. ‘Dressing for the occasion doesn’t mean fishnet stockings and a see-through blouse. We’re talking about dressing appropriately for the public as opposed to private occasions, whether it is taking a boat out to explore the beautiful coastline, or enjoying a meal in a romantic restaurant setting.

Vladimir escorts are the perfect companion for a dinner date or social gathering!

Let’s be honest, unless you are an extrovert who doesn’t care what anyone else thinks, do you really want your ‘date’ to look like everyone’s stereotypical image of an escort? Of course, you don’t. In truth, these girls don’t want to either. Smart, sophisticated, demure, elegant, and stylish, our girls know how to dress to impress, but without going over the top. They all want you to feel totally at ease in their company, and what better way than to allow you to feel you are just out on a normal date with a very pretty girl, no more no less.

Our escorts Bahamas help take the word anticipation to a whole new level

There is also a big upside to this scenario. Imagine sitting in a restaurant with a beautiful woman opposite you. In the back of your mind, you have the anticipation of getting to know her much better later on, but for now, you get to enjoy her company and have to rely on your imagination to picture what your beautifully dressed companion may be hiding from you. Only in a private setting will you then get to discover that dressing appropriately for the occasion also includes attire that was not on the show!

So, what are you waiting for? Get in contact and book a date with the Vladimir Escort agency. You may also let us know the setting for your rendezvous and leave the rest to us.

Want to see our escorts available to meet you in the Bahamas? Visit now to book a safe and discreet date with a gorgeous escorts nassau bahamas of your choice.