How to Dress for an Agency

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Working as a high-end escort is legal and relatively easy in the Bahamas. However, finding a professional escort agency in the Bahamas can be challenging—unless you work with Vladimir Escort. Vladimir Escort makes it easy for high-income executives to enjoy the company of beautiful women.

And if you’re a gorgeous woman who wants to work with them, you should know that they expect a lot from everyone on staff—especially regarding the dress code. You can make a great first impression on your clients with the right outfit.

Here are some examples of trending fashion that you can incorporate into your wardrobe.

Dress Conservatively

When working for an escort agency, it can be tempting to wear clothes that are too revealing or tight. These kinds of clothing are a big no-no. Clients prefer you to present yourself professionally.

Wearing a dress that is too short or tight can make you look like a cheap thrill. Instead, opt for clothes that are conservative but still stylish. A lovely pencil skirt or fitted pants paired with a jacket is an excellent choice.

If you’re going on a dinner date, trade your low-cut gown for a modest cocktail dress. When you want to wear something slightly more revealing, ensure it’s not skintight. You don’t want your curves to be emphasized in an unflattering way.


Make sure your makeup is subtle and natural-looking, not overdone. If your makeup is too heavy, it can make you look older than you are.

Use neutral colors on your eyes and lips instead of bright ones. This will keep you from standing out too much and drawing attention to the client.


Bahamas Escorts fashion calls for bling, but don’t go overboard. A pair of studs or small hoop earrings are okay. You can also wear a dainty necklace and a bracelet.

Don’t wear too many pieces at once, or you’ll look like you’re trying to distract the client with your jewelry.


Some agencies require you to wear lingerie under your clothes. Others will let you arrive in street clothes and change privately with a client.

If you need to bring lingerie, wear an outfit that’s easy to get on and off. That way, you can get ready quickly and avoid delaying the client.

Your lingerie should be in good condition and clean. It should also be appropriate for the client. If you’re unsure what they want, ask your agent or one of our Nassau Escorts who has worked with the client.

Work With the Escorts VIP Nassau

When working for an escort agency, try to look like a classy lady. You want to look like someone who belongs in a five-star hotel. The goal is to make the client feel good about having you on their arm.

All platinum escorts in the Bahamas have different styles, but keep the tips in this blog in mind when you’re getting dressed for work.

If you’re interested in seeing how the best escorts in The Bahamas look, contact us today. You’ll be amazed at how elegant our escorts are.

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