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Sofía Betancourt

Nassau Bahamas Escorts

Very great service and a true GFE experience. I appreciate your services Vladimir. She was splendid.


Camila Gomez

Escort Nassau

She was a very professional lady. Didn't speak a word of English but I still enjoyed my time with her. I'll definately be booking again soon.


Selina Carter

Bahamas Escorts

Elizabeth Frascella

Last night with Elizabeth was great. A wonderful woman. Great attitude. Energetic.


Alexa Brown

Colombian Escort

Not the best but she was okay.


Monica Nunez

Escort Agency in The Bahamas

--- Disclaimer: The review is based from the perspective of an employer. Vladimir does not engage in any activities with the Escorts whatsoever. --- Monica is by far one of my all time best. She is a remarkable woman that is very great to get along with. It is extremely rare for a client to report to me with a bad review about her. She's five stars!

Vladimir's Review

Tatiana Urias

Escort in Bahamas

Not what I expected. The last two girls were much more fun. Why we stayed for 2hrs before, and this one just left after 30min.

I just had awesome time with the last two, they were fun, friendly.

This one was like a machine.


Rose Sanchez

Nassau Escorts

What an amazing woman! I had a wonderful time!


Amanda Garcia

Escorts Bahamas

She was better than expected.


Laura Bell

Busty Escort in Nassau

Very down to earch person and goes with the flow.


Catalina De Rosa

Bahamas Escorts | Escorts Bahamas

I shared her with my wife and it was a very great experience.


Isabella Jiminez

Bahamas Escort Agency

Lovely woman, I enjoyed my time with her.


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