Comparison – Vladimir Escorts vs Independent Escorts

Independent Escorts

Vladimir Escorts vs Independent Escorts

If you are browsing our website it indicates you take your adult entertainment options very seriously and are not interested in the risks associated with independent escorts. Well, most clients who value discretion and quality will always choose to work with Bahamas Escorts at Vladimir Escort Agency instead of taking the risk of meeting with an independent escort. Here are the top 3 risks involved in booking independent Escorts:

I. Theft

There are many horror stories from gentlemen that make the mistake of booking independent Escorts. Theft is by far the biggest complaint we hear  within this industry. The majority of the time,  independent Escorts will take advantage of clients, evermore so, if they’re inebriated.  When an escort spends time with an inebriated client is like a lottery night for independent escorts. Imagine having a fun time with an escort and you wake up to a few thousand dollars and your Rolex missing from your room? Guess what, the escort is missing as well and no where to be found! Even if you registered her to the room and you have her name, depending on how much money she stole, it would be worth it for her to take the next flight home — direct flight to her country in Latin America.

II. Discretion

Independent escorts are far from discreet. Due to the fact that they do not have a large client base such as an agency, there only option is to frequent the bars and casinos, daily! You would find them walking throughout the casinos in the Atlantis or Baha Mar hotel soliciting business to any and everyone. Their hourly rate would range between 100 – 200 dollars and they are more willing to offer services in public bathrooms, hallways or on the beach. A true Vladimir client and/or gentleman would cringe at the idea of paying such low fees and dealing with bottom of the barrel escorts.

III. Options

Your options are quite limited when dealing with independent escorts because it would typically be just her and a friend. Her main objective is to make money for herself, therefore she would rarely send you referrals of the one or two of her Escort friends. Here at Vladimir Escort Agency, we tend to keep a minimum of 10 escorts employed. During the high season, we tend to employ up to 20 – 25 escorts. You would have a large variety of Escorts Nassau Bahamas to choose from when you hire an Agency.

Overall, contacting an agency is always the best decision. If there are any issues during your booking with any of our ladies, we would be able to resolve the issue immediately. We also have a policy  for our 12 hour booking rate that gives the client the ability to change the escort once he lets the agency know within 15 – 20 minutes of the booking time. If the chemistry isn’t there, most clients are able to spot it quickly. Therefore, it isn’t fair to commit to 12 hours with someone that is beautiful but there simply isn’t any chemistry. We fully understand and would then send another option to the client at no additional cost.

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