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In the world of sex work, just like any other profession, there’s a unique language that helps to facilitate communication and set expectations. Understanding this vocabulary provides a window into the dynamics and operations of the industry. Here are ten jargon words frequently used in the American sex industry:

  1. Incall/Outcall: These terms refer to the location where services are provided. An ‘incall’ is when a client visits the sex worker at their chosen location. In contrast, an ‘outcall’ is when the sex worker goes to a location chosen by the client.
  2. GFE (Girlfriend Experience): This service aims to create a more intimate and personal interaction, often involving conversation, cuddling, and kissing, in addition to sexual activities. The idea is to replicate the dynamic of a real romantic relationship.
  3. BBBJ (Bareback Blow Job): This term refers to oral sex performed without a condom. It is considered riskier than protected sex due to the potential for disease transmission.
  4. Anal: Simply put, this refers to anal sex. Not all sex workers offer this service, and it may come with an additional charge.
  5. CIM (Come In Mouth): This term refers to the act of a man ejaculating in a sex worker’s mouth during oral sex. Like BBBJ, not all sex workers offer this service due to the associated health risks.
  6. PSE (Porn Star Experience): This service aims to replicate the kind of explicit and adventurous sexual activities typically seen in pornographic films. It’s often more physically intense and less emotionally intimate than the Girlfriend Experience.
  7. Cover-Up: A cover-up is a job or role a sex worker may claim to have as a way to explain their income or lifestyle, providing a social disguise for their work in the sex industry.
  8. Full Service: This term generally refers to a service that includes vaginal intercourse, although exact definitions can vary.
  9. Half and Half: This jargon refers to a service that includes both oral sex and intercourse.
  10. DATY (Dining At The Y): This is a euphemism for cunnilingus, or oral sex performed on a woman.

These terms highlight the variety of services offered within the sex industry and underscore the importance of clear communication and consent in all interactions. They also reflect the industry’s need for discretion and the ongoing challenges associated with stigma and safety.

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