Booking An Escort: What to expect during the raining season in the Bahamas

Bahamas Escorts

As we strive to provide exceptional services to our esteemed clients, we understand the importance of transparency and reliability. This is why we feel compelled to address the peculiarities that come with the rainy season in Nassau.

It is no news that Nassau experiences heavy rainfall during certain periods of the year, and this often leads to flooding in some areas. This flooding can, without a doubt, affect traffic flow, thereby making ETA (estimated time of arrival) unpredictable. However, we want to assure our clients that we are committed to keeping them updated every 15 minutes on our progress, so they can have some form of insight into our journey to their location.

To go the extra mile, we have also made provisions for our clients to receive the live location of our driver during the trip, so they can monitor our progress in real-time. We consider this a significant step in ensuring our clients feel safe and secure, particularly when bad weather conditions may make things unpredictable.

It’s also important to note that during floods, we may have to take alternate, longer routes. This can result in a slower and longer journey, but we want our clients to rest assured that we will do everything within our power to get to our lovely Bahamas Escorts to their location as quickly and safely as possible.

Admittedly, this season comes with its peculiarities, but we are committed to providing top-notch services that exceed our clients’ expectations. As such, we urge our clients to exercise patience and understanding while we navigate this unpredictable period. We can’t wait to serve you!


Vladimir Escort Agency Team

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