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I Forgot To Bring Condoms! – Don’t Panic and Follow These Steps


As a leading Escorts Bahamas sex worker, you’re well-versed in the industry’s rules, one of which is to always carry condoms. This rule serves as a safety net, providing peace of mind and security in your professional engagements. However, even the most experienced among us can have an off day. One such day, things didn’t unfold as they usually do. Despite your meticulous planning and attention to detail, you found yourself in an unexpected predicament.

Upon arriving at your clients location, you discover that you’ve inadvertently switched handbags and left behind the one containing condoms, creating a moment of anxiety. However, it’s vital to remember that such situations can be resolved with grace and professionalism. Here are some steps to help you navigate this unexpected hiccup:

Step 1: Maintain Composure

Keep calm and broach the subject with your client in a composed manner. If he happens to have any condoms, then the problem is instantly resolved. If not, assure him that the official booking time hasn’t commenced yet, ensuring there’s no perceived unfairness.

Step 2: Immediate Communication

Reach out to your agency promptly. There’s no use wasting precious time searching for something that isn’t there. The sooner you inform your agency about the situation, the quicker they can provide assistance.

Step 3: Await Assistance

Patiently wait for the agency to dispatch a driver with the necessary condoms. This step ensures your safety, maintains peace of mind, and upholds professionalism.

Additional Tips:

  • Always double-check your purse before leaving for an appointment. Make it a habit to ensure that you have all the essentials.
  • Keep some spare condoms in all your purses that you use for work.
  • Engage in a candid conversation about safe sex with your client. Mutual understanding and respect for each other’s health should always be a priority.

In conclusion, it’s crucial to remember that under no circumstances should an escort Bahamas engage in any sex play activity without protection, regardless of the potential earnings. The risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease is too high. Your safety and well-being should never be compromised, and handling such situations with patience, clear communication, and professionalism will ensure that your dignity remains intact.

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