Elegant Escort – Thalia

Basic Information

Category Nassau
Nationality Colombian
Language Spanish
Age 23
Eyes Brown
Hair Brunette
Hair Length Long
Height 168 cm
weight 55 kg
Cup Size 34B Cup
Body Type Operated
Sexuality Heterosexual
Duration Incall Outcall
1 Hour $400 $400
2 Hours $750 $750
3 Hours $1050 $1050
4 Hours $1300 $1300
Extra Hour $300 $300
Overnight (10 Hours) $2800 $2800
Overnight plus (Negotiable) Negotiable Negotiable

Basic Services

Additional Services

Face Sittingextra $50
Filming with maskextra $100
GFEextra $100
MMFextra $100
OwOextra $100
WS Givingextra $100

A minimum additional taxi fee of $60 round trip will be added

Details about Escort

In a world that often prioritizes self-interest, individuals like Thalia stand out as beacons of compassion and generosity. Thalia is not just an elegant escort; she personifies the very essence of empathy and kindness.

Thalia’s towering presence is not merely physical; it reflects her formidable spirit and her immense capacity for compassion. She carries herself with grace and dignity, every move reflecting her intrinsic elegance. Yet, her elegance does not create a barrier – instead, it invites people into her warm, caring aura.

Her compassion is not selective or discriminatory. Irrespective of who you are or where you come from, if Thalia perceives that you are in need, she will rush to your aid. The sight of someone thirsty will spur her into action, seeking to quench their thirst. This instinctive desire to alleviate suffering speaks volumes about her character. It is not a cultivated trait but an inherent part of her being.

Thalia’s generosity extends beyond physical aid. She offers emotional support, lending a listening ear, and providing a comforting presence. Her ability to empathize allows her to understand others’ perspectives, making her an excellent confidante. She is there in times of joy, sharing in the celebration, and in times of sorrow, offering solace.

She does not hesitate to extend help, her actions guided by a heart that is as vast as the ocean. Her kindness is not born out of obligation but springs from a deep well of love for humanity. Thalia embodies the belief that every individual can make a difference in others’ lives, no matter how small the act of kindness.

Her life is a testament to the power of compassion. Through her actions, Thalia demonstrates that elegance is not just about physical appearance or social graces. True elegance emanates from a kind heart and a generous spirit.

In conclusion, Thalia is more than just an elegant escort. She is a symbol of compassion, a beacon of kindness, and an embodiment of human empathy. Her life is an inspiring narrative that encourages us all to be a little more understanding, a little more generous, and a lot more compassionate.

So, if you ever find yourself in Thalia’s company, cherish those moments. For in her presence, you experience the true meaning of compassion and the real essence of elegance.


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Hi, everything was great just waiting for the taxi!