Bahamian Escort – Ashley Rolle

Basic Information

Category Nassau
Nationality Colombian and Bahamian
Language Spanish
Age 22
Eyes Brown
Hair Brunette
Hair Length Long
Height 172 cm
weight 54 kg
Cup Size 34C Cup
Body Type Operated
Sexuality Bisexual
Duration Incall Outcall
1 Hour $300 $300
2 Hours $600 $600
3 Hours $900 $900
4 Hours $1200 $1200
Extra Hour $200 $200
Overnight (10 Hours) $1800 $1800
Overnight plus (Negotiable) Negotiable Negotiable

Basic Services

Additional Services

Couplesextra $150
MSOGextra $100
GFEextra $100
Face Sittingextra $50
MMFextra $100
WS Givingextra $100

A minimum additional taxi fee of $60 round trip will be added

Details about Escort

Ashley Rolle, a striking figure in the escorting industry, is an amalgamation of Colombian vibrance and Bahamian tranquility. Born to a Bahamian mother and a Colombian father, she embodies the rich cultural heritage from both these beautiful nations. Although she is multiracial, Ashley communicates primarily in Spanish, reflecting her upbringing and education.

Ashley’s journey in the escorting industry is nothing short of inspiring. She has carved a niche for herself, displaying a masterful understanding of the craft that goes beyond natural talent. Her dedication, hard work, and relentless pursuit of perfection have made her a force to be reckoned with in the escorting world.

Her Colombian heritage is evident in her fiery spirit and passion, while her Bahamian roots bring a unique charm and warmth to her personality. These dual influences have shaped Ashley into a dynamic individual who possesses the best of both worlds. Her ability to seamlessly blend these two distinct cultures is one of the many factors that set her apart in the highly competitive escorting industry.

In terms of personal preferences, Ashley is as unique and bold as she is in her professional life. She isn’t shy about expressing her sexuality and embraces her desires confidently. Her favorite sex position, being on all fours, speaks to her adventurous and assertive nature.

Moreover, Ashley’s adventurous spirit extends to her romantic life, where she finds enjoyment in the company of couples. These interactions highlight her open-mindedness and willingness to explore different facets of her sexuality. It’s a testament to her belief in living life on her own terms, free from societal expectations and norms.

To sum it up, Ashley Rolle is a fascinating blend of cultures, a trailblazer in her professional field, and a woman unafraid to live authentically. Her story serves as an inspiration for others to embrace their individuality, break stereotypes, and live life to the fullest. Ashley Rolle is more than just an escort; she is a symbol of boldness, resilience, and authenticity.

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WOW! She was amazing 5 stars all the way!


My God what a beauty. Service was incredible! Thanks again Vlad


Very good

The bachelor party

Fun to be around, elegant and an amazing body. Her skin is perfect.