Professional Escort | Maria Angel

Basic Information

Category Nassau
Nationality Colombian
Language Spanish
Age 22
Eyes Brown
Hair Brunette
Hair Length Long
Height 160 cm
weight 50 kg
Cup Size 32C Cup
Body Type Operated
Sexuality Bisexual
Duration Incall Outcall
1 Hour $300 $300
2 Hours $600 $600
3 Hours $900 $900
4 Hours $1200 $1200
Extra Hour $200 $200
Overnight (10 Hours) $1800 $1800
Overnight plus (Negotiable) Negotiable Negotiable

Basic Services

Additional Services

CIMextra $50
Couplesextra $150
Face Sittingextra $50
Filming with maskextra $100
GFEextra $100
MMFextra $100
OwOextra $100
WS Givingextra $100

A minimum additional taxi fee of $60 round trip will be added

Details about Escort

Maria Angel is more than just a professional escort; she is a woman of many interests, talents, and passions. With her background in fashion design and business administration, Maria brings a unique blend of creativity, intellect, and sophistication to every interaction.

Born with an innate sense of style and a keen eye for aesthetics, Maria pursued her passion for fashion, earning a degree in Fashion Design. Her impeccable taste and understanding of trends, fabrics, and silhouettes are evident in her always chic and tasteful attire. Whether she’s attending a high-profile event or enjoying a casual day out, Maria always presents herself in a manner that is both stylish and appropriate for the occasion.

But Maria is not just about looks and style. She is also a highly educated and ambitious woman. She studied Business Administration, equipping her with a deep understanding of the corporate world. This makes her an excellent escort for business trips or corporate events, as she can effortlessly engage in conversations on various business topics.

Maria is a lifelong learner with a voracious appetite for knowledge. She loves to read and is always eager to learn new things and expand her horizons. But her thirst for knowledge doesn’t stop at learning; she also has a passion for teaching and sharing her knowledge with others. This intellectual curiosity and willingness to share make her an engaging and stimulating escort.

Fitness is another important aspect of Maria’s life. She believes in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and regularly engages in exercise to keep herself fit and energetic. Her active lifestyle contributes to her vibrant energy and youthful appearance.

When it comes to intimacy, Maria is open-minded and adventurous. She enjoys exploring different facets of sensuality, always aiming to create an unforgettable experience for her escort. Her favorite intimate activities include oral, and she finds being on top or on all fours particularly pleasurable. Maria approaches every intimate encounter with authenticity and a genuine desire to please, ensuring a mutually satisfying experience.

Maria’s love for life extends to her enjoyment of music and dance. She is always ready to hit the dance floor, expressing herself through graceful movements that reveal her playful and free-spirited nature.

In conclusion, Maria Angel is a professional escort who offers much more than just companionship. She is a stylish and intelligent woman with diverse interests and a passion for life. Whether you’re looking for stimulating conversation, a fun-loving dance partner, or an intimate confidante, Maria is the perfect escort. Her combination of beauty, brains, and charisma ensures an unforgettable experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

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